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Jason Pflaum Staff Photo

Bachelors Degree from Michigan State University in 2000 in Environmental Policy.

Teaching Certificate in Education with a Major in Science and a Minor in Mathematics from Eastern Michigan University 2004. 


Taught 7th and 8th grade in Michigan at a Montessori school for two yeas before accepting my current position here at Quest in 2007. I have been here since, teaching Science and Mathematics to the middle school students. 


Jason Pflaum has been a part of WeldRE8 since 2007. Originally from Michigan, Jason graduated in 2000 from Michigan State University where he received his bachelors degree in Environmental Policy. In 2004 Jason received his Teaching Endorsement from Eastern Michigan University where his primary focus was on Mathematics and Science. After three years in education in the Greater Detroit area, a job offer at Quest K8 relocated Jason and his now wife, Helen, to Colorful Colorado. 

Now in Colorado, Jason has enjoyed teaching Mathematics and Science to the middle school level students at Quest. He has enjoyed working with a wide range of students covering many topics. One of his favorite times during the year is the Science Fair, when students compete while tackling a number of scientific challenges of today. 
In his personal time, Jason and his wife enjoy spending time with their daughter, Emily. Swimming, camping, biking, and going to the ballgame are a few of their favorite family activities. Jason also participates on an adult hockey team throughout the year, as well as enjoys playing music on his drum kit or his bass guitar. 
Jason has always been sure to put forth his best effort in whatever he does. Whether it is his, family, his commitment to his students, or his love of music. Please feel free to stop by Quest K8 at any time get to know him a little better. If you're lucky, you might even get to meet his beautiful daughter, Emily.